Monday, 9 March 2015

Higgs Boson Soustraction (5)

In this post I am willing to catch some aspects of Higgs boson soustraction in nature and as we already know that there are no limits to Higgs boson soustraction operation in the whole universe. I think that by bringing five ideas of Higgs boson soustraction will be the subject of this article.

The first idea of Higgs boson soustraction in nature is the soil degradation; the soil is degrading because of the combination of water and heat and also because of alpha particles interaction. The soustraction in this situation could be explained by the formula of (+1, -1), and the suggested chemical equation below has the explanation to soil degradation

Sodium + Water + Heat → Soluble Sodium

The second idea of Higgs boson soustraction in nature is the beaches’ sand; beaches’ sand is under Higgs boson magnetism which makes it subjected to the formula of (+1, -1); the (+1) water molecule is mirrored to (-1) sand’s grain, and because the sea is rising that means less sand in beaches which leads to the geographic deformation of sea coasts.

The third idea of Higgs boson soustraction in nature is magma; magma is substituted from under the earth to be added to it’s surface; this soustraction is energised by quarks assumption and pulled by Higgs boson magnetism. I think that what we are seeing around the world of ejected magma is a good sign of Higgs boson soustraction.

The fourth idea of Higgs boson soustraction in nature is wood degradation; wood degradation in the new era of life is activated by many elements such as heat, water, ice, sulphur, wind and many more; wood looses it’s cells due to it’s interaction with these elements .

The last idea of Higgs boson soustraction in nature is stars substitution from our universe; stars carbon gets decayed and pulled towards the 5th universe until most of stars get disappeared. I think that professionals in telescopy will notice that there will be fewer stars in the sky and there will be no surprise in stars soustraction.

My intention from talking about Higgs boson soustraction is to raise awareness of Higgs boson experiment; this experiment will bring more soustractions in our universe in the future and humanity should understand and learn how to deal with them.    

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