Saturday, 22 July 2017

Hoggs Boson Magnetism Inauguration (22)

I am seeing people fighting for holy places and their fight is just a waste of time because Higgs boson magnetism is decaying these holy places' particles, and the sea is rising to inundate them; so my proposition is to unite and prepare for the future where to live safer 

and longer. Never mind!! I am here to put few words of concern of change on planet earth; and this change is occurring very fast inside three scenes where humanity should decide to deal with it to complete Higgs boson magnetism inauguration frame; and this frame will be the light of guidance to future generations.

The first made scene of change by Higgs boson experiment is trees growth; the growth of trees is at very high speed and this is due to many created conditions by Higgs boson experiment; and these conditions are: the water molecule abundance, very high level of humidity, higher temperature, inflation, lighter atmosphere, alpha particles abundance in the atmosphere and Higgs boson magnetism. I think that the scene of higher and wider trees is one of the most important proofs of Higgs boson experiment influence on planet earth, and environmentalists should have a word to add inside Higgs boson magnetism inauguration frame about the quick growth of trees.

The second scene which I am interested to talk about is Higgs boson magnetism decay to all planet earth particles; this scene is the mother of Higgs boson experiment influence on earth; and here I think that the theory of everything should be included inside Higgs boson magnetism Inauguration frame, this theory has a good meaning to Higgs boson magnetic particles waves which are able to integrate all matter and all anti matter inside them to change their shape, their speed, their rotations, their direction, their size and their color.

Another scene of Higgs boson experiment influence on earth is thunderstorms; thunderstorms are becoming more damaging because of their increase in number and intensity. I think that thunderstorms of the new era of life have more power of destruction because their builders are: Higgs boson magnetism, quarks submission, Higgs boson magnetic particles waves and the increase of the water molecule in the atmosphere. Also thunderstorms can bring with them thousands of lightning and very heavy rain.
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