Saturday, 22 July 2017

Higgs Boson Magnetism Inauguration (23)

Again soustraction is imposing itself to change many natural phenomena; and these phenomena should be analysed and added to Higgs boson magnetism inauguration frame. In this post I am committed to add some explanation concerning the process of soustraction inside three natural phenomena on planet earth, also to remind you that soustraction is the product of Higgs boson experiment otherwise there will be no need to talk about it.

The first scene of soustraction on earth is all biologic bodies confusion; the change in the global weather system and the mixing of seasons make living organisms in huge confusion of dealing with rain, temperature, humidity, winds and pressure because of soustraction change to their magnitude. A good example of living organism confusion could be seen in holiday makers around the world; because of the quick change of the weather people become undecided when and where to go for holiday.

The second scene of soustraction on earth is drought; many areas in the world will change to desert and this is because of the disappearance of rain for many years. Drought is caused by Higgs boson magnetism puling to clouds from some areas to make them rain free, also the rise of temperature and heat make these areas with no sources of water or water disappearance from land, and one of these areas is India; I think that drought has to occupy a space inside Higgd boson magnetism inauguration frame.

The third scene of soustraction on earth is rats extinction; rats extinction is one of the biggest signs of Higgs boson experiment success because I think that rats have already lost their population by 50%; and this is because of Higgs boson magnetism reversing to their DNA. Rats DNA is the weakest to break and reverse and this is what makes it impossible to build again. I think that the  people whom are making experiments on rats in laboratories are finding serious difficulties to keep their reserves of rats up to date because the number of dying rats is exceeding  their number of birth, I also think that the next few years will witness the rarity in rats then their total extinction. I have to say that the death of rats should take a  bold headline inside Higgs boson magnetism frame because it holds an undiscussable proof of Hoggs boson experiment.
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