Thursday, 6 July 2017

Higgs Boson Magnetism Inauguration (09)

My will to write about Higgs boson magnetism inauguration frame is stronger than ever, and my pen has still long time to dry. I am presenting few headlines inside this frame to convince few people to complete it. In this post my interest is with hydrocarbons decay and their participation in the formation of water on planet earth.

Hydrocarbons which could be cited in this subject are: methane, propane, pentane, ethane and butane and their decay is at occurrence due to Higgs boson magnetism decay to molecules, and their target by this last is easy because of their chemical formation which is including both hydrogen and carbon atoms. The carbon atom is the simplest to detach from any molecule and it is followed by hydrogen atom; and this is whats making this last abundant in the atmosphere; and the combination of fast growth of plants and trees makes carbon diminution imminent to increase oxygen; this last and hydrogen are finding huge freedom to form water. I think that the 21st century should be named by the water century.

Hydrocarbons decay is one of the most important processes which is at occurrence and it has to be included as a headline inside Higgs boson magnetism inauguration frame; the decay of hydrocarbons is made by Higgs boson magnetism due to it's knocking out to the attachment of electrons between atoms, I know that this process is strange in chemistry but it's true in the actual circumstances on planet earth.

I would like to add the decay of alcohol with all it's kinds as a headline inside Higgs boson magnetism inauguration frame; because the decay of it's molecule is very obvious where it's users will discover it's inefficiency from it's industrial producers to the last consumer as a beer drinker. I think that witnesses of the inefficiency of alcohol are good proofs to Higgs boson magnetism decay to alcohol molecules, and I imagine that alcohol total disappearance from planet earth will occur sooner or later.

To close this post I need to remind you that the breaking of hydrocarbons molecules will end human beings energies and that's why that the creation of new sources of it is an obligation to survive longer.

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