Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Higgs Boson Magnetism Inauguration (20)

The steamy world is not just an imagination but its a true and real fact resulted from Higgs boson experiment. These days many huge areas in the world are already living in high level of humidity and this last should be cited in Higgs boson magnetism inauguration frame as a headline. My intention in this post is to raise the alarm of the increase of the water molecule in the atmosphere and showing few scenes which are the causes of this increase.

One of the causes of the increase of the water molecule in the atmosphere is the methane (CH4) escape from land; one of the causes to methane to impose itself in the atmosphere is permafrost and this last is at increase because of the rising in temperature in areas covered with snow and ice. Also methane is escaping from the bottom of earth because of the raise of fissures between rocks and land. I think that methane breaking in the atmosphere is a simple task executed by Higgs boson magnetism, and this breaking of methane makes hydrogen abundant to connect with oxygen and form the water molecule.

The second cause of water increase and accumulation in the atmosphere is hydrocarbons decay; the decay of hydrocarbons is made by Higgs boson magnetism and this is what makes hydrogen increasing in the atmosphere. I already noticed that hydrocarbons decay should be added inside Higgs boson magnetism inauguration frame.

Its also known that higher temperature inside matter makes the water molecule extracted; and this extraction of water could be seen in dead trees, dead grasses and plants, dried lakes and rivers, drought lands and wood decomposition. I think that higher temperature is one of the important causes which is making humidity dominating the atmosphere.

To close this post I would like to add another cause of water increase in the atmosphere which is water warming and very high water vaporization; as we already know that water on earth is becoming very high because of it's warming. I think that the cited causes are making the atmosphere full of moisture.

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