Sunday, 16 July 2017

Higgs Boson Magnetism Inauguration (18)

I think that few words about inclusion of few natural phenomena change inside Higgs boson magnetism inauguration frame is a good idea.

I saw snow in Chile in the month of July and this is unusual phenomenon; its occurring because winds direction have change direction, and clouds movement obeying to Higgs boson magnetism. I saw people skying in July in California and this is also unusual phenomenon because of the huge pile up of snow which is still accumulating on high mountains. The unusuality of natural phenomena is a scene of the new  era of life provoked by Higgs boson experiment.

 This morning I saw intense fog in the month of July in Bel Abess  (Algeria) because of the high depressions taking longer time, and yesterday I saw intense humidity making mountains looking white; the intensity of natural phenomena is a scene of the new era of life and also this intensity could be seen in sea current, in clouds condensation, in snow, in rain, in volcanoes, in floods and in winds. I think that the global weather is becoming intense because of Higgs boson experiment.

I should say that surprising formation of natural phenomena is also a scene of the new era of life; the sky becomes cloudy by surprise, storms formation is surprising, higher magnitude of earthquakes is surprising, volcanoes eruption is surprising, wildfires are surprising, floods are surprising, heatwaves are surprising, damaging winds are surprising and the list of surprising occurrence of natural phenomena is very long. The aspect of surprise within the global weather system is made by Higgs boson experiment.

The records breaking era has started in 2012 after a year of experimenting on Higgs boson. I think that the world is assisting a records breaking in many natural phenomena due to Higgs boson experiment and such records are: rain records breaking, higher rivers records breaking, higher seas records breaking, heat records breaking, temperature records breaking, snow records breaking, volcanoes high ash records breaking, earthquakes records breaking, lightning records breaking and winds records breaking. I think that nobody can ignore the total change of many phenomena in the world.
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