Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Higgs Boson Magnetism Inauguration (26)

My intention in this post is to add trees' leaves suspension to carbon atom from the atmosphere as a headline inside Higgs boson magnetism inauguration frame; trees' leaves role in the change of chemicals composition in the atmosphere shouldn't be  under estimated; because trees' leaves of the new era of life have many different qualities comparing them to trees' leaves before 2011. Tees' leaves have acquired many qualities due to Higgs boson experiment  and these qualities are our subject today.

The first quality of trees' leaves of the new era of life is the fast growth; trees' leaves fast growth is unmissable as their time of growth is becoming ten times faster than the growth of trees' leaves before 2011 and this is because of many already known conditions such as the abundance of the water in the atmosphere and in land, Higgs boson magnetism pulling to trees' leaves cells to grow quickly and the integration of bigger time particles inside trees' leaves  particles. I think that specialists in botanic can witness the fast growth of trees' leaves and even that this witnessing could be made by normal people with close relation to trees.

The second quality of trees' leaves of the new era of life is bigger size growth; there is no doubt that trees' leaves are growing into bigger size than the size which they were used to have before the beginning of Higgs boson experiment; because this experiment has created so many right conditions to trees' leaves to grow bigger and such conditions are: the atmosphere has became less dense to leave more space to trees' leaves to push and grow freely, the increase of photosynthesis because of sharper sun light and higher level of humidity which makes trees' leaves absorbing water excessively to make their size larger and wider.

The third quality of trees' leaves of the new era of life is that trees' leaves are meant to lock all existing carbon atoms in the atmosphere; this quality of locking carbon is chosen by preference by Higgs boson experiment in order to achieve it's target of the travel back of our universe, the locking of carbon is a long process but it's fastening could be done by Higgs boson experiment by creating a fast cycle of fast growth and fast death through the manipulation of frost, heat, rain, snow and sun's light. I think that trees' leaves will be able to exterminate all carbon from the atmosphere due to their faster growth and bigger size.

The last quality of trees' leaves of the new era of life is the participation in soil fertilization; fallen trees' leaves quantity is at huge increase, and they are able to break into small pieces to form a good soil fertilizer to make grasses growth possible in urban areas. Trees' leaves are dried very fast because of the rise of heat, so their breaking becomes easy and fast.  
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