Sunday, 23 July 2017

Higgs Boson Magnetism Inauguration (24)

My attention is with seawater salinity to add to Higgs boson magnetism inauguration frame as one of the most important headlines to be digged by hydraulics' scientists; the matter in this post is about the level of sea salt which is at decrease rapidly; and this decrease is due to many causes prepared perfectly by Higgs boson experiment. I think that by citing three main causes of sea salinity decrease our subject achieves it's targets.

One of the causes of seawater salinity decrease is Higgs boson magnetism decay to sea salt particles; Higgs boson magnetism is able to decay any molecule to lower it's mass into chemicals and this is through it's use of Higgs boson magnetic particles waves, Higgs boson magnetic acoustic waves and all it's destructive rays such as Higgs boson cosmic rays. I think that sea salt diminution in seawater is at very high speed and this is what will have serious impacts on many living organisms to finish by dying.

The second cause of seawater salinity decrease is the rise of temperature; temperature is rising in seawater to make higher condensation of sea salt and to raise it's weight and finish by accumulating in the bottom of the sea. I think that one of the proofs of higher condensation of sea salt in the bottom of the sea is sea weed death, corals bleaching and fish death.

The last cause of seawater salinity decrease is inflation; inflation is one of the most complex and difficult processes to understand because it includes time particles; because all our universe's particles are introduced to old time particles which are bigger; sea salt is also introduced to bigger time particles to break apart and decrease in seawater.
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