Thursday, 13 July 2017

Higgs Boson Magnetism Inauguration (15)

I have to send my message to those people whom are still ignoring Higgs boson experiment and telling them that my understanding to the change of natural phenomena is coming from very deep visions which are a present from god to make my discovery to Higgs boson with the last word to impose with their will will or without. In this post I would like to forward important information concerning three changes in natural phenomena due to Higgs  boson experiment influence on them, and this information should be added as headline inside Higgs boson magnetism inauguration frame.

The first phenomenon which is under activated influence of Higgs boson experiment is heat waves; heat waves are more intense than ever and this is due to many conditions on earth; and these new conditions are: higher sun's heat on earth, lighter atmosphere allowing higher sun's heat to penetrate into earth, alpha particles acrobats, higher particles and chemicals interaction, the change in winds direction, the increase of temperature on earth and closer planet earth orbit to the sun. Heat waves are making headlines in media and their damage is at increase all time and they should be put inside Higgs boson magnetism frame for analyzing by scientists to look for their cited causes above.

The second phenomenon which is under activated influence of Higgs boson experiment is wildfires; wildfires are a mechanism to lock carbon atom forever; and this mechanism starts at the increase of trees', plants' and grasses' growth then burning them, and simply the ejected carbon from wildfires becomes smaller by ten times than the growth of trees, plants and grasses. I think that planet earth has already taken the direction to the carboniferous era.

The third phenomenon which is under activated influence of Higgs boson experiment and which is unmissable is higher level of humidity; the phenomenon of high level of humidity is unique because of it's explanation to the image of water increase in the atmosphere. Humidity is at all time high because of many reasons which are: the extraction of water from all existing matter on earth, the increase of hydrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere and less dense water on earth. I think that humidity is one of the challenging phenomena to human beings because of it's influence on all matter such as rust, wood decomposition, soil decomposition, trees' growth and all fruits, vegetables growth.

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