Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Higgs Boson Magnetism Inauguration (03)

Again ideas about Higgs boson magnetism inauguration have to be clarified and organized inside a well understood frame in order to push brains to think seriously to come up with few interesting words to make my discovery to Higgs boson assisted and supported.

The idea of Higgs boson magnetism influence on soil decomposition is reflecting a true and real scene of how far Higgs boson experiment took effects in planet earth. What I want to say here is that the level of landslides, sinkholes and earthquakes magnitude is at increasing and fastening process. Geologists have a huge task to bring coordinates as proofs of the existence of Higgs boson magnetism which is also increasing to turn our planet earth into rubble, just last week the world has assisted a very high number of earthquakes, avalanches and landslides; all this has to be part inside Higgs boson magnetism field frame to make it's inauguration real.

My intention to add a second idea is to raise awareness of higher seas which are inundating huge surfaces of land and even creating kind of tsunamis; and this is what happened last week in Greenland where some villages were inundated. Higgs boson magnetism is making seawater rising vertically with the attachment of it's particles to the atmosphere's particles. The coordination of higher seawater and Higgs boson magnetism is a true and real phenomenon which should be analysed by scientists.

Tornadoes of the new era of life are acquiring strength not only from depressions but also from Higgs boson magnetism particles waves which are making them more powerful by rotations supporting their spinning and pulling their particles higher and higher. I think that the world is seeing a huge increase in tornadoes number and an unprecedented increase in their intensity. Now the idea here is to include tornadoes in Higgs boson magnetic inauguration frame by identifying the existing link of tornadoes with their new image in the new era of life and Higgs boson magnetism as their assistant and provocateur.

A last idea to close this post; Higgs boson magnetism is increasing the sun's heat on planet earth and this is by breaking it's atmosphere's particles into smaller energies. Most molecules and chemicals are breaking in the atmosphere in order to be pulled outside it; and this is what makes the atmosphere lighter, lighter and lighter to allow the sun's heat penetration into earth and that's why the world is seeing records breaking in higher temperatures. The increase of the sun's heat is a serious fact and it should be taken in consideration to be added inside Higgs boson magnetism inauguration frame, and scientists of the world  should look deeply at whats causing higher temperature on earth and not only saying oh!!! This is due to the carbon emission without noticing that CO2 is decreasing in the atmosphere. 
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