Friday, 10 November 2017

Higgs Boson Magnetism Inauguration (29)

My detention inside “Higgs Boson Show” didn’t come from nowhere; but its a serious fight against injustice; justice is claimed by myself through my declaration to the public of Eastbourne that I am Higgs boson discoverer and rising very high the sign of “Higgs Boson Show”. I also recon the huge relieving revenge of exposing my paintings in the window of “Higgs Boson Show”.

I am willing to promote “Higgs Boson Show” to the highest level in societies in order to create a sealed field full of hungry people to the art of innovation and the perfect reality; this reality should be aware of as human beings entrance inside Higgs boson magnetic field., and I have to tell you that Higgs boson magnetic field starting point is at “Higgs Boson Show” inside it’s aquarium.

Higgs boson discoverer is here to explain Higgs boson in thousands and thousands of manners to all minds with their differences to show the simplicity of Higgs boson subject. My money and my time had been well condensate inside the “Higgs Boson Show” tinny space, because the idea is much bigger than hundreds of paintings of presentation.

Finally my progress of showing the reality of Higgs boson discovery has preponderated for very long time, and I think that many people have received the message of this reality.

To close this post my invitation is open to everybody to enjoy the most innovative scientific art ever.
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