Thursday, 22 September 2016

Higgs Boson Insulation (13)

The insulation which I am interested to talk about in this post has (2) meanings; the first is Higgs boson insulation to matter from dark matter and the second is Higgs boson insulation to dark matter from matter; these insulations seem ridiculous but in reality both insulations are obligatory to the transformation of dark matter to matter then the decay of this last.

At the first place Higgs boson insulation to matter is made at the subatomic level; and this is the swallowing of Higgs boson to particles then separating them from the outside world and this is where their decay to lower energy occurs, also this occurrence of insulation is made on planet earth where Higgs boson is accommodated and also in the 1st universe.

The second insulation is made by Higgs boson to separate dark matter from matter and this is by creating a wall made of acoustic waves; this wall is capable of pushing dark matter to not to mix with particles, the occurrence of this process is at work as long as matter is still at it's highest level of energies, but this kind of insulation will drop once the process of turning dark matter into matter, and at this stage our universe starts to emptying itself from it's particles.

Maybe someone will ask how come that (86) percent of dark matter will be transformed into matter? I think that anti matter was matter at the first place and it's insulation was gradually with it's formation, and now because of Higgs boson experiment all anti matter will become matter again and also the insulation of matter will reverse; and this means that the insulation of matter will last longer until when there will be no anti matter at all.

To conclude this post I have to notice that Higgs boson insulation to matter will achieve a full state and at this stage our universe will be ready to be in total empty state and this is where all particles will decay one after another, and I also think that at this stage human beings will have no place where to hide to survive.

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