Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (162)

My intention to write this post is to put the light on the shadow where dark matter has an important role to becoming known matter; this is because of Higgs boson experiment which is turning our universe’s particles rotations back in the other sense from left to right. The dark matter which I am talking about has to become known matter in order to integrate into Higgs boson magnetic particles waves and this means that all existing particles has to take the form of rays or quarks.

Dark matter could never become known matter just in one exception and only one exception, and this last is an obliged condition which is the presence of Higgs boson magnetism because this last has the power to turn back dark matter rotations to build it into known matter then decaying it to become quarks and rays. I think that many masses will be built such as stars, planets and many shapes of new matter.

Dark matter is one of the most complicated subjects to understand and soustraction is the only mechanism which can make it obvious because a (-1) unit of dark matter becomes a (+1) matter; and this transformation is at process until there will be no dark matter at all; and this means that this last is building so many masses to decay, and all this process could never happen without Higgs boson magnetism.

Again soustraction formula can make our universe’s particles direction from forwards to backwards and this is with the help of Higgs boson magnetism because all our universe’s particles are pulled and also transformed from dark matter to known matter, and a good example of this situation is the appearance of many new kind of grasses, viruses, bacteria, insects and trees. I think that planet earth will know a total change in everything.

I should say that dark matter is still an unsolved problem but my hypothesis of black phosphorus as an equivalent solution to this problem is the only solution. I think that black phosphorus existence in all matter is true and also it’s existence in all dark matter is true as well, so the transformation of dark matter to matter is real under Higgs boson magnetism.  
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