Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Announcement (2)

Due to the occurring changes in climate on planet earth my pen is finding enough space in this post to raise awareness in order to wake up those pitiful minds through my announcement below. I think that by clearing the understanding concerning five 
key points; this post's aims will be achieved.

The first key point which I am interested to talk about is the soustraction of clouds from the equatorial line to the North and the South of planet earth; the followers to satellites of clouds' pictures animation have the ability to notice that the old era clouds travelling from East to West in the equatorial line have changed their direction to North East or South East; and this is whats making clouds condensation intensity higher in North East China, Japan and West Canada, also in South Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. The situation here is huge change of clouds' direction resulted from Higgs boson magnetism pulling to the water molecule.

The second key point which I am interested to talk about is Media ignorance to the reality of climate change; Media are transferring information about climate change from scientists without realising the real facts of the rise in temperature, the increase in floods and earthquakes. The only reason which are approving is CO2 emission but now we are seeing that this last is constant.

The third key point which I am interested to talk about is the connection of particles from small to big; this connection could be seen in many scenes on earth, and such scenes are: the connection of the sun's heat and the rise in temperature on planet earth; this connection is simply a result of Higgs boson magnetism. Another connection which is clouds inflation and vaporization; and this means more inflated water molecule.

The fourth key point which I am interested to talk about is that people whom are claimants to Higgs boson discovery are blind to see the causes which are making the land shaking and their feet. I am here to assure them that this shaking of earth is just at it’s beggening ; they must know that the earth is loosing it’s mass and this loss could be seen in sinkholes, splitted ground, ice melting and avalanches. 

I think that by remembering that all my experiments on Hoggs boson are available to those whom are interested to know about beyond Higgs boson discovery; by this the last key point is achieved. This point is also a challenge to humanity to take a step forward in it's knowledge.

A last word should be showed off; the integration of all natural phenomena inside Higgs boson magnetic field is a must with your will or without it, and with your wish or without it; because everything is already inside it.
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