Saturday, 26 November 2016

Announcement (12)

My mind is with vegetables which are attracting my attention with their unprecedented volume; and this volume did't come from nothing but it comes from new conditions created by Higgs boson magnetism. I am interested to show you five vegetables of the new era of life before they will become extinct after achieving their maximum size. I think that by exposing .five pictures of vegetables of the new era of life our subject will be fully understood

The first picture is showing an abnormal coliflower by it's size,  think that this coliflower has found the good conditions to maximize the size of it's cells because of three facts; the first is the abundance of water including humidity, the second fact is Higgs boson magnetism pulling it's particles' cells and the third is inflation which is allowing it to have more space to grow.

The second picture is showing huge courgettes; their growing to this size is made by the created conditions which are: the abundance of water higher level of humidity, the increase in heat, Higgs boson magnetism and less dense atmosphere.

The third picture is showing incredible sweet peppers; they became with such size because of their growing inside Higgs boson magnetic field; and inside this firld everything is under inflation.

The picture below is showing fennel grown at it's maximum size because of it's cells integration inside Higgs boson magnetic field, otherwise it's growth could never achieve this size.

To close this post I would like to add a picture showing grown beans to a huge size because 
of the good conditions created by Higgs boson manipulation to the global weather system.

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