Monday, 21 November 2016

Announcement (6)

Total destruction to planet earth is at process and many clever people are still in their deep sleep with huge arrogance and ignorance. My announcement in this post is a must to shake brains to hurry with decisions concerning Higgs boson discovery. I would like to share five ideas explaining why planet earth is under destruction?

The first cause of destruction to planet earth is my discovery to Higgs boson; all has been set that I discover Higgs boson and I make experiment on it; and at the beginning of this experiment I had no clue that I was creating a True Bose Einstein Condensate  system (BECs) to produce enough energy to make our planet earth decaying. The situation here is coincidental and Higgs boson is the first important element which is causing huge damage to all existing matter in our universe.

The second cause of destruction to planet earth is Higgs boson magnetism; we already know through "Higgs boson magnetism" posts that all matter in our universe is decaying because of Higgs boson magnetism, and planet earth is a very small particle inside our universe, so it's decay is imminent.

The third cause of destruction to planet earth is the full change of our universe's direction; our universe was travelling forwards from left to right but this travel has shifted in 2012 to become backwards and with a new direction; from right to left.

The fourth cause of destruction to planet earth is water increase on planet earth; the causes of water increase on planet earth were cited in earlier post.

The last cause of destruction to planet earth is heat; heat is increasing in our universe because of three causes which are: chemical interactions, the increase in particles' movements and the sun's dispersion to it's energy. I am sure that the increase of heat in our universe is a good element in the decay of masses.

Just a last word; planet earth is under destruction and this destruction is a good proof to Higgs boson discovery and to it's experiment. 
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