Thursday, 17 November 2016

Announcement (3)

I am seeing trees growing faster and becoming taller, and I am seeing their leaves getting larger and larger. The risen problematization is the paradoxical law which humanity should understand to realize whats going on planet earth. In this post the announcement has to be done in order to explain five ideas with the hope that some 
wise ears will listen to my shouting "I am Higgs boson discoverer".

The first idea is about the rotational clouds; the clouds which we are seeing are rotational because of the water molecule in the atmosphere which became a part of Higgs boson magnetic particles waves; these last formation by the water molecule is one of the most significant signs of the loss of planet earth to it's mass.

Secondly; I am not surprised when I see the number of dead people increasing because of floodings as these last magnitude is at constant increase; and the world has to accept it or not because it is the truth of a mechanism which is created by Higgs boson experiment; this mechanism is based on soustraction formula (-1, +1) and this formula starts from (-1) quark, (+1) quark to (-1) universe , (+1) universe.

Thirdly; the soustraction which I am talking about has a wide application and it could be seen in heat waves records. I think that heat is able to travel very far north to achieve the North Pole to melt the ice and this situation is simply a result of Higgs boson magnetism.

I think that the fourth idea shouldn't be missed as avalanches of the new era  of life are numerous until their total disappearance, and this means there will be little snow or no snow at all and this is because of the domination of mild air around the globe.

The last idea which is very interesting is water accumulation on land; I am sure that many cities are seeing water on streets almost all time and this is because of the often visit of heavy rains. The water accumulation is a good proof of the rise in water quantity on planet earth.

I would like to conclude this post by reminding you about Higgs boson discovery; this discovery is imposing itself slowly and surely.
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