Monday, 28 November 2016

Announcement (14)

So my voice is not heard yet. In this announcement my interest is with my new born baby "Choaib"; he is the bearer of triumph to Higgs boson experiment; and this triumph could be seen in many phenomena on planet earth. I think that by reminding you about five phenomena which are resulted from Higgs boson experiment the subject of this post will be completed.

The first provoked phenomenon by Higgs boson experiment is clouds density in the atmosphere; the world is seeing an enormous quantity of clouds in the sky as it had never did; clouds are covering huge areas on planet earth because of many causes and such causes are: Higgs boson magnetism pulling to the water molecule, the increase of water vaporisation, lower dense atmosphere allowing the water molecule to occupy further spaces, the increase of water quantity in the atmosphere and gluons occupation to the middle atmosphere and their rotations. I already noticed in earlier post that the water molecule will cover planet earth in full.

The second provoked phenomenon by Higgs boson experiment is heavy rain; clouds condensation had never been as it is now and this is because of Higgs boson magnetism, and the result of this condensation of clouds is heavy rain which covers very long distance as its shown in the picture below.

The third provoked phenomenon by Higgs boson experiment is floods; the world is assisting an impressive increase of the number of floods and this is because of the abundance of water on earth, and also because of high clouds condensation and the increase of water vaporisation. I am afraid floods will be the most challenging phenomenon to humanity in the future.

The fourth provoked phenomenon by Higgs boson experiment is flyer birds mass death; flyer birds mass death is imminent because of the water condensation in the atmosphere; the water molecule will dominate most of the sky and this is what makes flyer birds absorbing it to the extreme to finish by dying in mass.

The last provoked phenomenon by Higgs boson experiment is flood budget extension; many countries in the world will spend more money in flood management in flood management; in land protection and in trees plantation.

Finally; huge signs of Higgs boson experiment triumph are here and rest to the world to come forward and shake my hand for Higgs boson discovery.

NB: Picture from BBC
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