Thursday, 24 November 2016

Announcement (10)

In this post my announcement is made to those people with knowledge to the botanic world; I am sure that they are seeing very unusual development of plants, flowers, blossoms and leaves. My will is to show five pictures of spring integrated in Autumn in order to show how far Higgs boson experiment is consistent.

The first picture of interest is showing a kind of grass growing with huge stems which are resulted from Higgs boson magnetism support to their cells to grow faster and bigger.

In the second picture we can see so many flowers similarly to flowers in the spring season, and this boom of flowers is due to Higgs boson magnetism pulling to their cells to grow faster and bigger, it is also due to Higgs boson experiment creation to the right conditions.

The third picture is showing a plant with full of blossoms in Autumn; this is a good picture of unusuality because Higgs boson magnetic particles waves are supporting plants to grow in a perfect shape.

The fourth picture is showing an incredible colors of fallen trees' leaves; these colors are showing a mix of seasons and this could be done only and only inside Higgs boson magnetic field.

In the picture below we can see a palmier full of dates in the month of November and this is very unusual. In North Africa palmier grow their dates from March to August. I think that Higgs boson experiment is mixing seasons in perfection.

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