Monday, 21 November 2016

Announcement (7)

Again announcements are here to show to the world the truth of Higgs boson discovery and it's experiments' results; the reality is not understood by scientists and by Media because natural phenomena are interpreted in a wrong way, and the blame is turned to mother nature or CO2 emission theory, but my voice is not heard yet because I am showing a new understanding to whats real of causes and facts of physical phenomena on planet earth and in our universe.

I think that by bringing (400) mm of rain in Europe is something unusual, but this unusual will become usual, and there is none explanation to this amount of rain except one explanation which is Higgs boson magnetism manipulation to clouds movement.

It is also obvious that rain is taking place in the Libyan desert, in Guatemala and in Australia to give birth to hundreds of millions years old trees' cells and to make them growing to their extreme; this image is a real image of the travel back into the past of planet earth, not only that but also all animals' DNA is already finding the right conditions to build again and to give birth to creatures of the past.

The occupation of higher spaces in the sky by the water molecule to travel further north planet earth is contradicting to the occupation of these spaces by CO2; I think that CO2 emission theory is failing day after day and Higgs boson discovery is winning every second because everything and all phenomena are supporting this last one. I think that the world should look again, again and again into the causes which are making CO2 stable in the atmosphere.

Today we are seeing two huge depressions in the northern part of planet earth and they are the result of quarks submission; as we can see they are dominating half of the amount of clouds on planet earth to integrate them inside their rotations, and their results is floodings in many countries such as France, UK, Germany, Italy, China, Japan, Finland and Taiwan, and whats interesting is that these depressions could dominate the sky for long time.  

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