Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Announcement (9)

The world has to come to it's reasonable thinking and especially scientists in meteorology, particle physics, microbiology, environment and geology. This announcement comes to put the light on five phenomena resulted from Higgs boson experiment, and these phenomena should be added to Higgs boson discovery proofs.

The first resulted phenomenon from Higgs boson experiment is heavy rains; the world is assisting an unprecedented amounts of heavy rains; and these amounts are making floods occurrence everyday around the world.

The second resulted phenomenon from Higgs boson experiment is earthquakes; earthquakes of the new era of life are different simply because of their causes; and the most important cause to earthquakes to occur is inflation; inflation is making planet earth wider to create huge cracks inside it, and these cracks are the source to earthquakes to occur.

The third resulted phenomenon from Higgs boson experiment is heat waves; heat waves are a new phenomenon occurring almost all year because of Higgs boson magnetism; heat is trapped in the pulling power of Higgs boson magnetic particles waves to travel very far to North and South poles. Its also noticeable that heat has increased on planet earth because of many causes such as the widening in planet earth orbit, low density of planet earth atmosphere and alpha particles interaction with all matter.

The fourth resulted phenomenon from Higgs boson experiment is animals' mass death; the first animal to die in mass is fish; fish is dying because of methane increase in seawater, the increase of sand particles in seawater, higher temperature in seawater, less salt density in seawater, the increase of sulphur level in seawater and the increase of carbon in seawater. I think that the phenomenon of dead fish is seen everywhere around the world.

The last resulted phenomenon from Higgs boson experiment is floods; floods are becoming something usual and their impact is increasing day after day. I think that many people will become poor because of floods, and these last will have the part of the lion in the countries budgets.

To conclude this post I would like to remind you that Higgs boson experiment has an unlimited results and I hope I will have enough time to speak about them in future posts. 

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