Sunday, 10 May 2015

Higgs Boson Interrogations

Higgs boson interrogations are questions directed to the public in order to raise awareness about the new era of life. In today’s post I am willing to answer to five questions about Higgs boson discovery; these answers may also help the scientists to understand my experiment on Higgs boson. It is for the first time I decided to write with an interogative style and I am interested to ask five questions and answering to them.

The first question about Higgs boson discovery is why the whole world is looking for Higgs boson? I am sure that many people can’t answer to this question because they don’t know what is Higgs boson at the first place; but I think that Higgs boson is the first particle created by god and it has a role to fabricate other particles, not only that but also to dismantle them. So I imagine when you got Higgs boson in a bottle you will be able to produce particles, to preserve them and to use them to innovate technolgies.

The second question about Higgs boson discovery is why my connections in «linkedin website» are ignoring my discovery to Higgs boson? I think that to answer to this question a need to a call to a third party is a wise decision; the ambiguity is that this third party is connected to the communities which are unhappy about my discovery to Higgs boson. There are three glass windows from where the light of evidences is shinning; these evidences are found inside this blog and they should be deeply analysed by professionals in most of the scientific specialities; these professionals are members of «linkedin website» and some of them are part of my connections.

The third question about Higgs boson discovery is why CERN scientists are ignoring my discovery to Higgs boson? To answer to this question it is obvious that a competitor never recognise your discovery especially a discovery of Higgs boson. CERN scientists are paid billions and they never want to loose this huge some of money, also marginalising a little man like me is an easy task to achieve by CERN. Honestly I have nothing against CERN but CERN has everything against me.

The fourth question about Higgs boson discovery is why my discovery to Higgs boson is still ignored by the public? To answer to this question it is probably conditional and syndicational to convince the public about my experiment on Higgs boson, these conditions and syndications have a strong link to the public’s daily life. I am sure that Higgs boson soustraction is showing to the public the results of my experiment on Higgs boson; and the disappointing here is the public's’ ignorance to Higgs boson soustraction effects and causes, but this situation will not last for long because anarchical incidents have already taken place and such incidents are food thieving.

The last question about Higgs boson discovery is why is Higgs boson discovery fully discovered by me? To answer to this question we should check all my writings in this blog to find firstly that my discovery to Higgs boson is covered from all points of views, and secondly my experiment on Higgs boson has great successful results which could be seen around us everywhere.

Concluding this post is something difficult to achieve but few words have to show them selves ; these words are ; sand, clouds, trees, grasses and seas.
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