Thursday, 21 May 2015

Higgs Boson Insurrection (8)

Higgs boson insurrection (8) is already happening and its about the rising seas and oceans; rising seas and oceans are obvious and coastal populations can confirm this statement. In today’s post I am interested to talk about five causes which are making seas and oceans rising.

The first cause which is making seas and oceans rising is Higgs boson magnetism; this magnetism’s effects on rising seas and oceans is by quarks’ seas and oceans water connection to the quarks of the whole universe, and this quarks connection could not be possible without Higgs boson magnetism of the first universe. Its already known that quarks connection of the first universe to the quarks of the sixth universe is due to this last Higgs boson magnetism.

The second cause of the rising seas and oceans is Higgs boson manipulation to the seas’ and oceans’ water mass; this mass is becoming less dense and weaker. There are many causes which are making the seas’ and oceans’ water energy lower; some of these causes are: sulphur evaporation into the atmosphere, sea salt decomposition, ice melting, the increasing number of volcanoes in the bottom of the seas and oceans and Higgs boson manipulation to seas’ and oceans’ waves.

The third cause leading to seas and oceans to rise is the sun’s heat; the sun’s heat has a huge influence on seas and oceans to rise; this influence is through the warming of seas' and oceans' water; the more seas’ and oceans’ water is warm the more is extended up forward because it’s molecule becomes lighter.

The fourth cause leading to seas’ and oceans’ water to rise is the increase in the size of the water molecule; the water molecule is increasing in size because of time particles; our universe is entering an area where time particles are bigger than normal and this makes all our universe’s particles doubling their size, so the seas’ and oceans’ water is going to double in size and this will make the seas’ and oceans’ water increasing.

The last matter which is a cause of seas’ and oceans' water rising is water accumulation; water accumulation in deltas due to rivers’ water rising, wells water rising, underground water rising, high mountains ice melting, water extraction, lakes water rising and North pole ice melting; all these conditions make seas and oceans rising.

Again here I have to say that Higgs boson insurrection is obvious and dealing with it is an enormous task, and I think that the best solution to this insurrection is by taking Higgs boson experiment and Higgs boson discoverer seriously.
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