Friday, 29 May 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (5)

Today’s post has to be shared with you biologists, microbiologists and sociologists because it has reality and truth concerning the development of cells, molecules and societies. As we already know that Higgs boson is
manipulating planet earth weather system under the soustraction process, the influence on all living organisms had taken place and it will carrying on doing so. 

My intention is to bring biologists', microbiologists' and sociologists' mind to the extreme of their knowledge and beyond it, I am sure that cells, molecules and societies are taking new models of living.

Soustraction should be taken seriously because its the middle mechanism which is the source of designing new shapes of everything and it’s connection occurs at the lowest form of energy which is (3) quarks; the combination of (- 3) quarks leads to (-π) that means that each time a (π) is deducted leads to the formation of a new shape within atoms; (protons, neutrons and electrons) these last take a new form and through this operation whole systems degradation is obvious in many phenomena.

Syndications are everywhere and by looking at them in this blog you will notice that Higgs boson experiment is real; and also this is just the beginning of a new era of life. The world has changed and it’s change is due to my experiment on Higgs boson; this experiment took me many years and no one in the world can ignore it’s results; one of it’s best results is heavy rains. I am sure that many places in the world are seeing enormous quantity of water surrounding them, such places are; Texas, Arizona and Australia.

The composition of new cells and new molecules has to come up with new societies linked and similar to their ancestors; it is very similar to a play back of a movie. A reversed DNA gives shape to an old cell or molecule and this is how the change in all living organisms will occur.

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