Sunday, 31 May 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity(6)

Connecting Higgs boson is a reliable task to subordinate a clear sense to the theory of everything; this task could take me the next few years in writing to cover everythings' development in details in order to make Higgs boson discovery understood day after day. In today’s post my interest is to talk about the theory of everything based on Higgs boson as a key stone to finalise a good vision about the connection of subatomic particles to build the whole universe.

My submission to quarks through Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) was intended to create enough and real proofs to my discovery to Higgs boson, and what the world is seeing now are real changes in the global weather system; these changes are so many and some of them are: heavy rains, clouds speed increase, higher clouds concentration, change in clouds movements, new clouds directions, higher and vertical clouds, higher volcanoes number, higher volcanoes ash in the atmosphere, higher magma cooling, higher water evaporation, lakes disappearance, higher rivers level, higher sea level, pulling sea waves, deterioration of coasts, more dead fish, warmer sea water, higher sea waves, higher sea current tensity, faster ice melting, more animal immigration from north to south, more isolated animals on icebergs, less animal hybridization, more dead birds, more dead sardines, shorter wheat and shorter barley, smaller fruits and smaller chicken eggs, more polluted air, higher number of sand storms, more dusty winds, higher wind’s speed, mixed seasons, more sun’s heat...etc.

The more time passes the more it getting bigger, the more time particles getting bigger the more activated decomposition, the more decomposition is activated the more our world gets deeper in the new era of life, and the more human being get ignorant to their surroundings and even to their models of life.

What I am hearing from people’s mouth are honest views about the changes in the weather system, in agriculture production, in the appearance of old grasses, in birds behaviour and their concentration and disappearance, in the high change of temperature from a week to another; all these recognitions of changes in nature are simply recognitions of the results of Higgs boson experiment. 

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