Monday, 1 June 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (7)

This post comes to meet Higgs boson stars within our universe and their vanishing from planet earth sky. A mix of particle physics, chemistry and astrophysics has to explain to us this vanishing of stars, and what it has to be taken in consideration is the time needed by human being to observe this

vanishing. Maybe some people think that this vanishing of stars will be noticeable in hundreds of years or millions of years, but my vision to this vanishing of stars will be just in the next few years, and my alibis are so many. I think by citing five causes of stars vanishing our subject will be understood and convincible.
The first cause of stars disappearance is the nitrogen condensation in the universe; nitrogen condensation occurs due to the domination of alpha particles to space; the more alpha particles are submitted from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) the more nitrogen is condensate around stars to make them vanishing. The interaction between nitrogen and stars’ carbon make the stars losing their shining, and the chemical equation below has the right meaning to this situation

Stars’ Carbon + Nitrogen → CN3
C + N3 → CN3

The second cause of stars disappearance is stars decomposition; stars are already decomposing because of Higgs boson acceleration, and they are loosing their mass due to their speed and they got absorbed by Higgs boson magnetism, they pass through the black hole to integrate into universe five.

The third cause of stars vanishing is the carbon atom decaying; most stars are built with carbon atoms and their decay is caused by the sun’s heat. The more carbon atom gets heated the more it loses it’s shining.

The fourth cause of stars vanishing is the connection of our universe's particles with the first universe’s particles; this connection is built on Higgs boson magnetism; the intensity of the magnetism of universe one is ten times stronger than the intensity of the magnetism of our universe, the pulling interaction makes stars disappearing from our universe to integrate into universe five.

The last cause of stars disappearance is gamma rays; the interaction between gamma rays and stars’ carbon make this last decaying and decomposing, and what is interesting to know is that the source of gamma rays is Higgs boson experiment.

My conclusion to this post is to compare two situations; my discovery to Higgs boson and stars’ disappearance; both situations are true.            
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