Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (27)

Higgs boson infinity (27) is a very important subject which has to come to bring it’s light on dinosaurs turning back to life;what  I am trying to explain in today’s post is not science fiction but  real and true facts. The come up of dinosaurs is
already happening and it will be very soon, and this will happen because of DNA reversing. I would like to put under light and analysis five causes of the turning back of dinosaurs in the following paragraphs.

The first cause of dinosaurs turning back is DNA reversing; DNA had already reversed to come up with new living organisms and such living organisms are: wannabe, swallows, new kind of snakes, new kind of foxes and babe dinosaurs. Dinosaurs DNA is one of the easiest DNA to build again because of it’s long size. I think that Niger is the first country which will assists a quick growth of dinosaurs.

The second cause of the appearance of dinosaurs is the new global weather system; there are many characteristics of the new global weather system which allow dinosaurs genesis to be possible and these characteristics are: heavy rains, high level of humidity, high level of the sun’s heat, the increase in the global temperature, the increase of volcanoes ash in the atmosphere, water occupation to huge surfaces on earth, the change in time particles from small to big, the widening of planet earth orbit which makes more abundance of hydrogen in the atmosphere, the increase of alpha particles in the atmosphere and the diminution of carbon atom in the atmosphere.

The third cause of the appearance of dinosaurs is the extraction of water; I think that biochemistry has it’s word in this situation; because water could be extracted from dinosaurs bones and this can bring their DNA into life; once dinosaurs DNA is back to life their development will be imminent, and I am sure that the world will see dinosaurs back to life soon.

The fourth cause of the appearance of dinosaurs is sulphur domination to the atmosphere; I imagine that dinosaurs are creatures connected to sulphur, and this means that they are friendly sulphur environment. Also in this case the world will see higher and higher level of sulphur into the atmosphere.

The last cause of dinosaurs turning back is ice melting; the dinosaurs DNA is well conserved inside the ice sheets in Siberia and Greenland and because the ice is melting very fast the dinosaurs DNA will find the right conditions to develop, and I think that this development will happen within the next five to ten years.

To conclude this post; just wait and see and dinosaurs will come up then our travel back into the past will be really real and my discovery to Higgs boson will have a good proof.
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