Friday, 5 June 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (11)

Here I am bringing a superb infinity which is the creation of Higgs boson mechanism; just to remind you that Higgs boson mechanism is representing soustraction which is always build on (+1, -1) or (-1, +1). To understand Higgs boson mechanism is by looking at the natural phenomena cited below. My
willing of writing this post is to bring to light five natural phenomena explaining Higgs boson mechanism.

The first phenomenon explaining Higgs boson mechanism is the integration of our universe into universe five, and this phenomenon is the result of my experiment on Higgs boson. All our universe will be decayed into subatomic particles and pulled through the existing black hole between this last and the fifth universe; and this process is based on (-1, +1). There are many signs of the occurrence of this mechanism and such signs are: the disappearance of some galaxies from our observation and the appearance of new ones, our universe is becoming lighter because of the dominance of alpha particles to space and the reduction of carbon atom, and the increase of water molecule inside planet earth’s atmosphere.

The second mechanism explaining Higgs boson mechanism is the connection between quarks submission and the formation of low depressions; an unlimited number of quarks leave Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) to travel to the first universe leaving behind it depressions on planet earth, this mechanism is built on (-1, +1); any left three quarks leave behind them a line of rotational wind. Low depressions are the (+1) to create many mechanisms built (+1, -1) such mechanisms are: clouds formation and clouds condensation, sea bed deterioration, and fish extinction.

The third phenomenon explaining Higgs boson mechanism is quarks assumption; let’s say that quarks are assumpted from planet earth to deep into our universe, and their movements are built on sinusoidal waves; it is obvious that their movements will carry with them subatomic particles and this makes empty spaces inside planet earth atmosphere. So what we understand from the statement above is that this mechanism is built on (+1, -1). Each time three quarks are assumpted outside planet earth atmosphere this last is emptied from it’s subatomic particles.

The fourth phenomenon explaining Higgs boson mechanism is time particles decaying; because our universe is heading towards universe five, time particles decay inside everything to get replaced by bigger ones. The mechanism here is built on (-1, +1), and the proof of this statement is that everything on planet earth will become bigger up to ten times. Good examples of sings of bigger sizes on planet earth are trees and grasses.

The last phenomenon explaining Higgs boson mechanism is volcanoes’ ash; this mechanism is built on (-1, +1); any atom composing volcanoes’ ash is substituted from the bottom of earth to be added on it’s surface. The aim from volcanoes’ ash is a full extinction of life to create a new one.

My conclusion to this post is short and meaningful; Higgs boson mechanisms are at work everywhere and their effects on everything are observable.   
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