Friday, 5 June 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (10)

Another post of Higgs boson infinities has to be present today in order to show what is happening in the bottom of earth; there are so many chemical interactions which are in my interest to talk about; these chemical interactions

are making planet earth deforming and decomposing. I think that it is also wise to talk about few causes of these chemical interactions. My interest is to bring five presentations of chemical interactions to light.

The first chemical interaction is between methane and propane; this interaction is imminent to soil decomposition and its the source of lava formation, this chemical interaction occurs hundreds of miles under earth, and it’s activation is provoked by quarks assumption and Higgs boson magnetism of the first universe
Methane + Propane → Lava formation

The second chemical interaction is between photons and alpha particles; this interaction occurs due the submitted alpha particles from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) into the atmosphere and it’s result is the creation of new nano-particles
Photons + Alpha particles → Nano-particles

The third chemical interaction which hasn’t to be ignored is the sun’s heat influence on human being heads; molecular biology can explain why many people are catching eczema; the interaction here is between photons and human being brain cells, this interaction is the source of stress and this last is the source of eczema to form
Sun’s heat + Brain cells → Stress + Eczema

The fourth chemical interaction to be understood is magma interaction with seawater; this interaction has huge influence on seawater to evaporate, because of the very high temperature of magma seawater boiling becomes easy and fast to evaporate
Magma + Seawater → Seawater evaporation

The last chemical interaction is between chalk, heat and water; this interaction was looked at deeply in “Higgs Boson Chalk” post, the idea which the world should understand is that chalk is melting, breaking and decomposing very very very fast because of the heated water on chalk by the sun’s heat
Chalk + Water + Heat → Melting, Breaking and Decomposing Chalk

I am sure that there are hundreds if not thousands of new chemical interactions occurring now on planet earth because of the global change in the weather system, and this last makes everything ready to interact.  
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