Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (28)

Another infinity which shouldn’t be ignored is the first new generation of alpha particles due to Higgs boson symmetry breaking; this symmetry breaking is occurring now in our universe in everything and it’s result is alpha particles

regeneration, because everything was built with the participation of alpha particles and these last have to be ejected from everything to participate again in the building of the old shape of everything, and what is understandable here is that alpha particles are the regenerators of the travel of our universe into the past.

Alpha particles are the basic stones participating in the building of everything and without them nothing could be built, it is also simple to understand Higgs boson mechanism of soustraction on alpha particles processing from our era to the old era and this occurs under the formula of (-1, +1). All decaying of particles emit all kind of alpha particles to build a new old era of life; I mean by that old everything.

I already explained in “Higgs Boson discovered” post that alpha particles have (12) acrobats and each acrobat has (4) pieces to make one full alpha particle, and the total of pieces of alpha particles is (48) pieces, that means that everything should have a few pieces of alpha particles built on. Also in “Higgs Boson Heliums” post I explained that heliums could be produced and used in many fields of sciences but what the world is seeing is the domination of heliums in the atmosphere and this means that all production is made naturally and any production in laboratories will have no sense.

Again and again and again alpha particles could be used to treat cancer; simply because they can rebuild any dead cells. The super-fluid which I produced from Higgs boson experiment has a good stock of alpha particles which could be used to treat cancer and by this occasion I make my appeal again to volunteers or desperate people to use this super-fluid as a medicine to treat their sickness of cancer.

My conclusion to this post is by sending a clear message to the world; this message has important information concerning cancer treatment. Are you desperate of treating your cancer? Please let me know and I will send you a free treatment.        
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