Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (8)

Higgs boson infinities will stay with us for a long time because of the continuity in the changes in our universe; these changes are the subject of Higgs boson infinities. In today’s post I would like to talk about animals in the new era of life.

We already know that many old animals are coming back to life and many others are disappearing and this is due to my experiment on Higgs boson. I think that  by bringing five examples of animals’ appearance and disappearance our subject will be covered in full.

The first example of animals’ past coming back is the wannabe; I am sure that in Australia people are seeing an increase in number of the wannabe, and in the same time a huge decrease in the number of the kangaroo, this change is happening because of the change in the global weather system, DNA reversing and the widening in the planet earth’s orbit.

The second example of new animals’ appearance is frogs; “Higgs Boson Frogs” post had explained why new kind of frogs is appearing on planet earth, and also the decrease in the number of birds is obvious and such birds are: seagulls, and ducks.

The third example of animals’ extinction is sea dogs; what the world is seeing is a regroupement of sea dogs on isolated icebergs, these last are disappearing because of the fast ice melting; sea dogs will have no space where to relax and where to breed. The climatic effect will make sea dogs extinct very soon. What is also noticeable is the increase in swallows number, more swallows appearance because of the new weather conditions, this last will make them enormously numerous.

The fourth example of animals’ disappearance is seagulls; I think that “Higgs Boson Seagulls” post had covered the causes of seagulls’ extinction; seagulls are the most affected birds by the changes of the weather system because they depend on the ejected food by sea waves and because the sea current is in constant increase all food is pulled to the bottom of the sea to leave seashores clean without food left to seagulls. And what is important to know is that the number of sea snakes is in increase and they will dominate the sea very soon.

The last example of animals’ extinction is rats; we have seen in “Higgs Boson Rats” post that rats are the weakest link to DNA reversing; this make them one of the quickest animals to be extinct. I think that image of dead rats is everywhere in the world and nobody can ignore this image. There is also ants’ extension; ants are exploding in number because of the new weather conditions which allows them to grow faster and these conditions are: wet and humid weather, higher sun’s heat, and windy and dry weather conditions.          

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