Saturday, 20 June 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (24)

My intention to bring Higgs boson infinity (24) is to make an urgent call to everybody out there; this call has a clear and understandable message about the heavy rains occurring almost everywhere in the world. In today’s post I am interested to talk about five causes of the heavy rains which we are seeing around the world.

The first cause of heavy rains is the increase in the global temperature; during the last (2) to (3) years temperature has increased in the world by (1) to (2) degrees Celsius, and this increase in temperature has made seawater evaporating easily to form higher quantity of clouds; with the combination of depressions these clouds are condensate to their maximum to produce heavy rains.

The second cause of heavy rains is the abundance of the water molecule; because water is covering more surfaces on earth due to heavy rains that make a base to heavy rains to form, because of the increase in water evaporation.

The third cause of heavy rains is the diminution in density in the atmosphere; the atmosphere is becoming less dense because it’s loss to carbon atom and this makes more space to the water molecule to occupy more space in the atmosphere that means more dense clouds which leads to more heavy rains.

The fourth cause of heavy rains is low depressions; low depressions create clouds condensation which provokes heavy rains. Low depressions and clouds have the following relation: the more the depression is low the more clouds follow it’s centre and the more clouds are condensate the more heavy rains are produced.

The last cause of heavy rains is condensate clouds; I think that human being had never seen such condensation of clouds in the sky and this is due to many causes and such causes are: quarks assumption, rotational winds, quarks submission, low depressions and higher level of water evaporation.

Let’s concluding this post by looking at an image of heavy rains here and there which no body in the world can ignore, this image which is the result of Higgs boson experiment.
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