Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (15)

Higgs boson infinity (15) is one of the most important of Higgs boson infinities; because it is bringing to us a real meaning to sulphur domination to planet earth. In the last post we have seen that sulphur get double sized because of

it’s interaction with the submitted quarks from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs). In today’s post I am interested to talk about sulphur interaction with quarks and I think that there are many key points to talk about to cover today’s subject.

The first key point is how quarks choose sulphurs’ electrons to interact with them? We already know that the smallest amount of quarks to form a (π) is (3); because a chain of (256) quarks is needed to form (16), that means that an atom of sulphur has to pass it’s characteristics to the next atom once is completed, and the next atom also pass it’s characteristics to the third atom.

The second key point is why sulphur will dominate our planet earth? Sulphur is capable to end life on earth smoothly, I mean by this; an extermination of a generation of plants, grasses, animals, soil and rocks is done gradually during the time needed for another generation to appear, and because everything is under Higgs boson field the acceleration of the renewing of generations is always in increase.

It is wise to take in consideration sulphur-quarks interaction because this interaction will be obvious to us everywhere; sulphur formation will start to be seen on metals, on wood and in water. I imagine that planet earth will look more pink and red than green.

I am sure that sulphur will be human’s being subject for long time, because sardines are already dying in seas because of the higher level of sulphur in seawater.

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