Thursday, 4 June 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (9)

Higgs boson infinity (9) is about clouds movement, their formation and their condensation. The first stage of the new era of life has many obvious specifics concerning clouds as they are a key player in the stage of transition from the
old era to the new era of life. Today’s post has to come to explain the constant changes in the clouds formation, clouds speed, clouds directions, clouds condensation and clouds travel high into the atmosphere.

The first interesting phenomenon is clouds formation; clouds formation had never been as it is now; evaporated water has increased dramatically because of the increase in sun’s heat and also the increase of empty spaces in the sky from clouds due to the increase of depressions number. What is interesting to know is that clouds took new shapes and such shapes are: rings, lines and spheres.

The second important phenomenon is clouds speed; clouds speed has increased during the last two years because of the rotating winds; as we have already seen in “Higgs Boson Winds” post that the source of winds is quarks submission and quarks assumption and this is what makes the new weather system windy all time.

The third magical phenomenon is clouds directions; clouds directions are based on winds directions and this last has taken new shapes because of Higgs boson magnetism. What is interesting to say at this stage is that winds will blow completely at the opposite directions known before 2012, and this makes clouds directions also different than the ones known before 2012.

The fourth exceptional phenomenon is clouds condensation; the first stage of the new era of life has unbelievable images of condensed clouds, and what is proving these images are the heavy rains in many places in the world. One of the most important of clouds condensation is pineapple expresses.

The last aspect of clouds of the new era is their possibility to travel very high into the atmosphere, and this occurs because of the winning of the water molecule to space, and the atmosphere is becoming less dense due to it’s loss to the carbon atom. Also the domination of alpha particles to space makes planet earth’s orbit widening and this allows clouds to occupy more space in the upper atmosphere.

My conclusion to this post is by sending a clear message to the world through clouds; this message is saying rise your eyes to the sky and remember Higgs boson infinity (9).
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