Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (34)

Higgs boson infinity (34) is a unique inspiration about chemicals' transformation due to Higgs boson soustrction; its obvious that chemicals are losing or winning electrons because they are intercepted in Higgs boson 
electromagnetic field and the mechanism responsible for their interaction is soustraction. Today’s post is a must to put the light on how chemicals are processed in order to make our universe travel back possible. My willing is to write about five causes which are making chemicals' transformed inside Higgs boson electromagnetic field.

The first cause of chemicals' transformation is sulphur accumulation; sulphur accumulation has  a great influence on all existing chemicals on earth, and because sulphur can interact with most chemicals and it has the power to knock out the electrons of other chemicals; these last transform and lose their characteristics.

The second cause of chemicals' transformation is heat; the sun’s heat is increasing day after day and it has a real provocation to damage many chemicals. Heated atoms simply lose their electrons easily and this makes everything losing it’s mass.

The third cause of chemicals' transformation is Higgs boson electromagnetism acceleration; many atoms are decaying due to their acceleration by Higgs boson electromagnetism; their loss to some electrons makes them losing their identity to acquire a new one.

The fourth cause of chemicals' transformation is Higgs boson acoustic waves; everything will be transformed to it’s lowest energy form, and chemicals not only lose their electrons, protons and neutrons but these last will be lost as well because Higgs boson acoustic waves are strong enough to decay anything. The decay I am talking about could be seen everywhere especially in walls, streets, wood, and in metals.

The last cause of chemicals' transformation is the water molecule abundance; because the first stage of the new era of life is dominated by water most chemicals will interact to water by losing their electrons and the result is a total transformation of chemicals.

Let’s concluding this post by telling the truth to the world; this truth is about chemicals' transformation which is occurring right now in our planet earth and hiding this truth from everybody is the biggest mistake human being never made.   
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