Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (35)

My intention today is to write something about heat waves; they are one of Higgs boson infinities; heat waves are extreme heat which occurs in (2) to (3) days generally during summer time. I have to say again that we are living in a

new global weather system where heat waves are more present than ever, more aggressive and more in occurrence. Of course there are many causes to heat waves to form and by citing five causes our subject will be understood in full.

The first cause of heat waves occurrence is depressions; depressions have an important role to create heat waves due to their pulling power to every warm areas; these areas are generally situated north the tropical line  and that’s why heat waves always appear between the 45th degrees line and the 65th degrees line.

The second cause of heat waves occurrence is the continuous increasing of the sun’s heat; the sun’s heat also has an important role to create heat waves and the more increased heat the more heat waves occurrence.

The third cause of heat waves occurrence is Higgs boson magnetism; it is easy to Higgs boson magnetism to reverse winds directions and move huge areas of hot air to the north east; for example the big Sahara air is pulled to Europe, the Mexican golf air is pulled further north to north America and Canada and the Indian ocean air is pulled to south China.

The fourth cause of heat waves occurrence is alpha particles condensation in the atmosphere; alpha particles condensate movement makes the air warm to generate heat waves because their movement is a source of heat.

The last cause of heat waves occurrence is quarks assumption; quarks assumption has enough power to move hot air and many particles from an area to another to create heat waves and such heat waves could happen in West America and West Australia because they are facing a long distance of the ocean's water and most of quarks assumption sources is water.

Concluding this post by something real and true; summers will have serious heat waves in Europe, America and China, and human being have to prepare for their extreme temperature.
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