Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (60)

Higgs boson manifestations are everywhere and they are starting to impose a new look to our world; this new look could be seen in many systems of nature. I am interested to bring to the scene five aspects of Higgs boson manifestations to prove that my experiment on Higgs boson is efficient, true and real with the hope to find in you a good understanding to what I am talking about.

The first aspect of Higgs boson manifestations is appearing in snails development; the world is assisting a development of snails as it has never been in history, simply because of Higgs boson magnetism; snails DNA is pulled to become longer and time particles are making it bigger. Any way images of huge snails are seen almost everywhere in the world.

The second aspect of Higgs boson manifestations is ants; ants are growing fast and invading the earth’s soil, they are occupying more spaces and helping in soil decomposition, their population is getting larger and larger and they represent one of Higgs boson manifestations.

The third aspect of Higgs boson manifestations is elephants’ death; elephants have no place in the new era of life because of their breath to sulphur; a very small quantity of sulphur is capable of killing an elephant, because elephants have very narrow nerves in their chests. I think that the scene of the elephants’ death is already seen in India and Africa.

The fourth aspect of Higgs boson manifestations is soil deviation; soil deviation is already becoming one of the most scenes appearing almost every day in many countries. There are many causes of soil deviation which are; heavy rains, strong winds, and earthquakes.  

The last aspect of Higgs boson manifestations is trees’ growth; trees have taken a new fast growing due to many causes and such causes are: the sun’s heat, heavy rains, humidity, bigger time particles, quarks assumption, winds rotation and quarks submission. My imagination is gone too far to see trees’ fast growth real.

My conclusion to this post has to be taken seriously because Higgs boson manifestations are in increase day after day and if you are not seeing them now make sure that you will see them in the nearest future.


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