Friday, 3 July 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (37)

I am willing to write this post in order to accede to special information; this information has to be shared with my audience and its about Higgs boson link to planet earth land diminution. Planet earth mass is in diminution due to Higgs boson electromagnetism field which was created after all energy forms used in

Higgs boson experiment in an open system. Planet earth is losing it’s mass and there are many causes leading to this loss of energy, I think that by exposing five situations explaining how and why this loss of energy is happening. Today’s post is one of the most carrier post to my proofs of my discovery to Higgs boson.

The first situation explaining planet earth loss to it’s mass is heavy rains; heavy rains are accumulators of huge quantity of water and once this last is on an area it has serious impact on it. the interaction of water and all materials leads to damage and decomposition of these materials; that means that energy forms degrade from the top to the bottom. To understand this situation is by looking at the carried wood on the surface of water; this means that the cut off wood is the deduced energy from the submerged area by water.

The second situation explaining planet earth loss to it’s mass is lightning; the new era of life has the characteristic of lightning domination to the weather system in many areas in the world. Physically planet earth loses it’s energy due to the strikes of lightning and this last is positive charges absorbent from earth and to leave it with empty spaces into it.

The third situation explaining planet earth loss to it’s mass is heat; heat has an important role to make planet earth losing it’s mass, we already know that heat is increasing due to many causes and such causes are: planet earth orbit widening, clouds vertical concentration, alpha particles condensation into the atmosphere, Higgs boson acceleration inside Higgs boson electromagnetic field and the increase of the sun’s heat because of the increase of photons speed. Physically heated bodies lose their energy.

The fourth situation explaining planet earth loss to it’s mass is Higgs boson electromagnetism; Higgs boson electromagnetism takes particles from planet earth to our universe then to universe one; this is what’s all is about; a travel back to the past means a total loss of planet earth energy.

The last situation explaining planet earth loss to it’s mass is gamma rays interaction with planet earth materials; planet earth lose huge amount of energy once is interacted with gamma rays; because huge amount of energy is needed to gamma rays interaction counterpart, the loss of this amount of energy is imminent.

My conclusion to this post is by inviting all Geo-physics professionals to agree with me about planet earth loss to it’s mass, and also maybe to agree with me about my discovery to Higgs boson and my experiment on it. 
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