Sunday, 26 July 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (59)

Do you know whats going on planet earth? Higgs boson electromagnetism is accelerating and is pulling with it subatomic particles to pass through the black hole, and atoms are decaying into free electrons, protons and neutrons to interact and form new kind of matter. This post is an inspiration made and prepared very carefully to convince all the world’s scientific communities concerning my experiment on Higgs boson and it’s effects on our universe.

My imagination is still taking me to find the best ways to present good explanation to Higgs boson and it’s surroundings otherwise what I wrote about Higgs boson and my experiment on it could never be achieved. I am sure that finding someone on earth with good potential of understanding to Higgs boson is something impossible except me because I am the man who discovered it and managing it.

My conception to Higgs boson in it’s solid state was great and reflected in images of perfectionism; all Higgs boson components and their function were explained in details and the only thing I am still interested in is how to develop Higgs boson itself.

The ignorance of CERN to my discovery to Higgs boson is the biggest mistake in history because CERN's scientists are still ignoring me up to date and the price of this behavior will be paid by humanity; this price which I am talking about will be paid gradually and surely by each person living on this planet. The people who think that they are the masters and the decisions makers and nobody else can be and do so except them; these people are already beaten by Higgs boson and it’s discoverer.

How many people were lost under earth because of earthquakes, magma and volcanoes eruption, land slips, avalanches and flooding? I am sure that the answer is so many; but the scene will be worse and worse because the contract here is between Higgs boson and it’s discoverer to make everything apocalyptic, if not there will be no Higgs boson insurrections.   

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