Thursday, 2 July 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (36)

Another infinity which has not to be mistaken; its an infinity which has enormous amount of information and its about fires in many areas in the world. In today’s post my willing is to share five causes of provoked fires in the world; these causes of fires are simply results of Higgs boson experiment.

The first cause of fires in the world is the ejected gamma rays from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) experiment; we already know that gamma rays can penetrate up to (10) centimeters of solid concrete and this allows them to penetrate sensible areas and such areas are: supercomputers memories, super-electric generators, boats and submarines engines, electric wind generators and planes’ engines. Gamma rays can provoke fire in the cited areas above simply by increasing their heat.

The second cause of fires in the world is quarks assumption; quarks assumption can turn heated areas into fire and this could happen by adding more heat and such areas are: car engines, heatings, batteries’ transformers, electric cables and phone cables. Assumpted quarks can mix with the existing heated quarks in the areas cited above to make their rotations higher and higher and to add to them more heat which provokes fire.

The third cause of fires in the world is alpha particles rotations; alpha particles rotations in covalent bonding and their rotation generates heat, this heat could be a cause to start fire in many places and such places are: reflected light from mirrors, radars, boats flags and boats spinnakers.

The fourth cause of fires in the world is the increase in sun’s heat; as we already know the sun’s heat has increased at least by (2) to (3) degrees during the last (3) years; this increase of heat simply leads to fires to start in bushes, forests, and dry grasses.

The last cause of fires in the world is Higgs boson acceleration to atoms; because atoms are under Higgs boson magnetic field and their acceleration is increased day after day and that’s why everything is getting warmer every day, and this is what provoking fire in many materials.

Concluding this post by remembering fires around the world and by analyzing their sources are due to the new era of life where planet earth is under Higgs boson magnetic field. I think that the world will assist more fires where their causes are cited above.

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