Friday, 17 July 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (50)

Higgs boson infinity (50) is one of the most unbearable and conditioning infinities, because it has special information which could be found nowhere. My willing today is to share with you this post with the hope to make it full of considered knowledge; this knowledge is about Higgs boson magnetism. I think that by showing five of Higgs bosom magnetism characteristics our subject will be completed.

The first characteristic of Higgs boson magnetism is the creation of fermions; fermions were created under Higgs boson influence during the development of the universes then their development was stopped. I think that the existing fermions are (2) to (3) billion years old and they are five different kind which are: Quarks, Majorana fermions, Electrons, Protons and Neutrons. Without Higgs boson magnetism fermions could never exist.

The second characteristic of Higgs boson magnetism is swallowing; Higgs boson duty is to swallow any particle in front of it; and this is simply made by the successive swallow of particles to the first swallowed particle, and the first swallowed particle is intrigued the existing air inside Higgs boson; that’s why I explained in «Higgs Boson Discovered» post that Higgs boson fourth dimension is « AIR ».

The third characteristic of Higgs boson magnetism is the action of pulling back any particle in front of it; this action occurs when Higgs boson magnetism is in charge (-1) and could be in any chosen (π) of Higgs boson field which is 2(π). For example our universe now is living in the negative side of (π) and it is represented by (-1) in Higgs boson soustraction.

The fourth characteristic of Higgs boson magnetism is earthquakes; Higgs boson magnetic field can move any particle from it’s place to create any empty space between two particles; this action of moving particles is a source of earthquakes. Higgs boson magnetism is already creating earthquakes in the Sun, in the Moon, in Jupiter, in Pluto and in many other planets.

The last characteristic of Higgs boson magnetism is the positive charge of Higgs boson magnetism field; this last is the second (π) in Higgs boson magnetic field. This characteristic is represented by (+1) of soustraction; a good example to understand Higgs boson magnetism positive charge is by emptying a backet of water into another; and this action does’t make any loss to the quantity of water.

To conclude this post I am waiting for you to make one to it. So please send this conclusion to me and I’ll post it to finish this article.
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