Sunday, 19 July 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (54)

Insurrection, insurrection, insurrection could never stop as long as I am not recognized as Higgs boson discoverer. Maybe some people think that I just imagine the change in the weather system in the world but I am here to tell them that this change is real and true. Today’s post is a continuation to Higgs boson infinities in order to show a different side of Higgs boson story. I am sure by sharing five scenes of changes occurring in the world my alibis of discovery to Higgs boson and it’s experiment should be convincing and acceptable.

The first scene of change in the world is the appearance of numerous and strong heatwaves; heatwaves are one of the signs of the new global weather system, I am sure that many countries of the north of planet earth are assisting more and strong heatwaves, and these last are the result of some causes which are: depressions, Higgs boson magnetism and quarks assumption.

The second scene of change in the world is heavy rains; nobody can ignore that the world is assisting heavy rains and this is occurring as we know because of many causes and such causes are : Higgs boson magnetism, depressions, rotational winds, clouds condensation, increase in water vaporization, less condensation of particles in the atmosphere and the increase in the sun’s heat.

The third scene of change in the world is volcanoes' eruption; nobody can ignore that the erupted volcanoes number has increased and this is because of many causes and such causes are: the increase in temperature of the bottom of earth, soil decomposition, Higgs boson magnetism, quarks submission and quarks assumption, the increase in methane combustion, permafrost and the increase in the sun’s heat.

The fourth scene of change in the world is flooding; flooding are already an observed scene by many countries in the world a whole year. I think that the level of flooding is increasing slowly but surely; and this increase will be faster in the next few years.

The last scene of change in the world is earthquakes; earthquakes are becoming stronger and numerous and they will dominate the Media headlines in the few years coming. The most important cause of earthquakes scene is Higgs boson magnetism.

My conclusion to this post is simple and understandable; the world is in the beginning of a transition from an era to a new one and this is happening because of my experiment on Higgs boson.
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