Friday, 31 July 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (68)

My intention to share this post with you is to make a little bit of shake up to your brain cells and this could be achieved by presenting the following information. I am interested to show you five windows of information concerning five chemical interactions which are new to human being knowledge just because they are manifesting inside Higgs boson electromagnetic field.

The first chemical interaction which I am interested to talk about is volcanoes’ lava interaction with seawater; volcanoes’ lava is travelling so far to arrive to seas and oceans and it’s interaction with seawater is a very curious one, it is warming seawater very fast and making it evaporating at high rate.

The second chemical interaction which is occurring in the new era of life is sulphur interaction with alpha particles; this interaction is strange but it’s true and the beneficiary from it is sulphur, and this is how sulphur get increased in the earth’s atmosphere.

The third chemical interaction which I am interested to expose is photons interaction with bacteria; there is no doubt that millions of hundreds of years old bacteria is coming back to the surface of earth; and this is due to the new weather system imposed by Higgs boson experiment. The new appearing bacteria have great chances to meet the sun’s light because of the clouds shape of the new era of life which allows bacteria to interact with photons most of the time of the year.

The fourth chemical interaction which is occurring inside Higgs boson electromagnetic field is wood cells interaction with the water molecule; wood is under water most of the year and this is due to heavy rains, flooding, sea rising, rivers' level rising and frost. The combination of water and the sun’s heat most of the year makes the wood cells weaker and weaker to decay and this is known as wood degradation.

The last chemical interaction is trees absorption to water; because trees’ cells are becoming bigger than normal; their absorption to water increases and this is what makes their growth fast. In another side of the new era of life the water molecule is in constant increase and it is becoming bigger and bigger and this is what pushes trees’ cells to become huge.

I think that the conclusion of this post should be understandable; every second passes a new chemical interaction is generated until all aspects of life are changed, and then humanity will notices that Higgs boson was discovered.

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