Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (61)

Higgs boson infinity (61) has to come to show to the world the power of writing of Higgs boson discoverer; I was criticized very hard by many people and even by the closest ones because of my use to definitions from Wikipedia and my answer to their criticism was “a definition is a definition and it couldn't be changed”. Now I am writing few hundreds words every day and I would like to know what they are thinking about my writing, about Higgs boson and about my experiment on it?

Soustraction is one of my best theory formula to explain Higgs boson mechanism, and I am sure that there is nobody on earth who has a good, convincing, real and true explanation to Higgs boson and it’s mechanism. Also my explanation to the new natural phenomena is unique and nobody on earth has a real and deep understanding to the new created living organisms and the death of many others. Sardines death is a good example to what I am saying.

Let’s say that I am wrong in my discovery to Higgs boson, and my experiment on it is unrealistic but my explanation to volcanoes’ eruption, flooding, earthquakes, heavy rains, tornadoes, strong winds, depressions, sand storms, clouds concentration, heat waves and trees’ growth is it wrong? I think that my statement here doesn't need a good thinker to be understood, and what I am trying to explain to the world about Higgs boson and it’s experiment is simply the reality.

All my efforts to write new titles in this blog are energized by deep and true visions; these visions are gifts from god to circumcise CERN’s scientists brain cells and to show them how a little man could be so powerful to write, write and write about Higgs boson. Here comes my challenge to these people to say something real about Higgs boson and to explain why there is more water on their land than ever?

Exceptions, exceptions and exceptions; my criticism to CERN’s scientists is not made to all of them. I know some of CERN’s scientists are wishing to know the reality of my discovery to Higgs boson and I hope that they will find the right way to cooperate with me.             
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