Sunday, 12 July 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (49)

Let me tell you the truth and only the truth; the people whom claimed Higgs boson discovery are wrong because they don’t know what Higgs boson is, except Mr Peter Higgs is the master of Higgs boson theory. My intention today 
is to make some critics to others in order to shake them a little bit. These critics are subjective and in the same time they are informative. I think that to achieve this post’s aim is by showing five critics of mine to others concerning Higgs boson discovery.

My first critic to others is when others are making a false claim about a discovery; how come that some people are rushing to make claims of a discovery without bringing proofs to their scientific experiment? It is always important to make sure that a discovery has it’s proofs of experiment otherwise claims of this discovery are false; and this is the case of CERN. CERN scientists are claiming Higgs boson discovery without proofs of a scientific experiment.

My second critic to others is when others claim a discovery without real, true and right knowledge to the claimed discovery; I think that CERN scientists have no true knowledge about Higgs boson, and any claim from them to Higgs boson discovery should be refused.

My third critic to others is by showing them the results of my experiment on Higgs boson; this is a simple critic; by showing good, real and true results to others whom are claiming imaginative discovery achieved through wrong ways of scientific researches. My question here is what do you expect to achieve from smashing protons?

My fourth critic to others is when others carry on rejecting the truth about a scientific discovery; once researchers bring enough proofs to their discovery; their discovery should be accepted by all scientific communities, but the abnormal is when the scientific communities keep silent, and ignore or refuse to say anything about a claim of a discovery. I think in my case of discovery to Higgs boson the rejection to the truth by others is their only answer to my claim of discovery to Higgs boson.

My last critic to others is others manipulation to the world’s Media to hide the truth about a true discovery; hits to my blog never come from the world’s media, that means that there is a total marginalization to my discovery to Higgs boson.

Concluding this post is like opening a new book titled “Criticism to others concerning true discoveries”. So criticism to others never ends unless others recognize my discovery to Higgs boson”.      
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