Saturday, 6 June 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (12)

Again I have to write Higgs boson infinity (12) because it has to take place within these lines; it’s importance is about chemical reactions occurring in nature due to my experiment on Higgs boson. In today’s post I would like to
write about five chemical reactions and their causes in order to put the light on dark matter and it’s behavior inside Higgs boson field. Just to remind you that our universe is equal to (π) out of Higgs boson field and universe five is the other (π); as we already know that Higgs boson field is equal to (2π).

The first chemical reaction is the moon’s light; the moon’s light is becoming more bright because of the increase of alpha particles in space, the more dense alpha particles are in space the more the moon’s light is bright. Alpha particles density in space is in constant increase because of their submission from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs).

The second chemical reaction of which I am interested to talk about is the sun’s heat; the sun’s heat is in constant increase because of carbon atom deduction from the atmosphere; we already know that carbon atom is the first atom to be exterminated from the atmosphere due to many causes; and such causes are: time particles are getting bigger that means that carbon atoms decaying is imminent, bigger trees and bigger grasses that means that more absorption to carbon atoms by those last, carbon atom decaying due to Higgs boson acceleration, and carbon atom decaying due to Higgs boson magnetism.

The third chemical reaction is soil decomposition; planet earth soil is becoming soft and weak because of heavy rains, alpha particles density, gamma rays, omega rays, and beta rays. One of the most important phenomenon to decompose soil is methane combustion.

The fourth chemical reaction is fish death; the total of dying fish in lakes, rivers, and seas is increasing everyday because of the increase of sulphur level, warmer waters and volcanoes’ ash. The fish death is increasing in oceans because of the mix of warmer waters and colder waters, and also because of the increase in the oceans current, this last drive fish to the bottom of oceans to die.

The last chemical reaction is volcanoes’ magma; volcanoes’ magma is a result of many chemical reactions, one of the most important interaction is the submitted quarks from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) interaction with the most existing chemicals inside the bottom of earth.

My conclusion to this post is simple and easy to understand all chemical reactions cited above are results of my experiment on Higgs boson, and there are so many out there rest to you to find them.
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