Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (26)

Let me telling you that Higgs boson infinity (26) has important information concerning sea fish extermination; my interest is to explain to you five causes leading to the death of all known fish during the first stage of the transition to the new era of life.

The first cause leading to sea fish extermination is the increase of sulphur level in seawater; because the bottom of earth is getting hotter everyday this makes the number of volcanoes under the sea increased by thousand percent, and this number of volcanoes makes seawater invaded by sulphur and simply sea fish can’t cope with the high level of sulphur in seawater and ending by dying.

The second cause leading to sea fish extermination is seawater warming; there are many causes which are making seawater warming and such causes are: seawater quarks interaction with our universe quarks, quarks assumption, quarks submission, the increase in sun’s heat, the increase in volcanoes number, the increase in sea current due to the higher number of depressions and Higgs boson manipulation to seawater movements.

The third cause of sea fish extermination is the disappearance of oxygen atom inside the seawater; oxygen atom is already under diminution in seawaters due to many causes and such causes are: the increase in sulphur carbonate (SCO3 to SCO7), the increase in hydrogen-oxygen interaction, seawater warming, seabed desertification and methane domination to seawaters due to ice melting and permafrost.

The fourth cause of sea fish extermination is algae invasion to seas and to oceans; algae makes seawater warming quickly and loosing it’s oxygen into the atmosphere, this means that fish is left with small amount of oxygen then it’s death. Also algae occupy more space in seawater to prevent fish from huge areas where to swim.

The last cause of sea fish extermination is chlorophyll; chlorophyll has an important role in killing sea fish and it’s development into seas because of algae extension, simply chlorophyll domination to huge spaces inside seas doesn’t leave any oxygen to fish to breath.

The death of fish after fish will be seen everywhere around the world in the new era of life where people will believe in Higgs boson discovery, in it’s experiment and it’s results.        

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