Sunday, 7 June 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (13)

My ambition to write Higgs boson infinities is to prove my discovery to Higgs boson, to prove my experiment on Higgs boson and to prove the results of my experiment on Higgs boson. In today’s post Higgs boson infinity is about my

experiment on Higgs boson and it’s ways of application; there are an unlimited number of experiments’ applications on Higgs boson and each experiment has different results. I am very happy to explain to you five experiments on Higgs boson.

My first experiment on Higgs boson had an aim to produce plutonium (260) and plutonium (270); this experiment is easy and simple and it’s benefit is great to human being; its based on a combination of a number of Rugosa corals, temperature, light, sea sand and seawater.

My second experiment on Higgs boson had an aim to produce electricity; the production of electricity will be worldwide and the electricity will be (95)% cheaper than today’s price, this production is clean and safe. In my opinion this experiment has to be supported immediately.

My third experiment on Higgs boson had an aim to produce a High temperature Superconductor (HTS); this production has (100)% efficiency to innovate all kind of technologies, and High temperature Superconductor (HTS) could be used in all kind of microchips to make them thousands of times faster than today’s microchips. High temperature Superconductor (HTS) could be used also to produce life batteries.

My fourth experiment on Higgs boson had an aim to produce old animals’ genes; I mean by old; millions of years old, these old animals could be produced and their benefit to humanity is huge. I think that humanity will never be short of white meat and red meat offered with the cheapest price ever. I am sure that meat will be available to the whole world with (95)% cheaper price than today’s price.

My last experiment on Higgs boson to talk about within this post had an aim to produce wood; its very simple to make our world bigger and this is through quarks submission from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs); this quarks submission makes our universe pulled back into the past, and the past time particles are bigger than today’s time particles; that makes trees growing up to (10) times bigger than today’s trees. I imagine that wood will be available to everybody in the world with up to (95)% cheaper price than it’s today’s price.

To conclude this post I would like to tell you that my experiments on Higgs boson are unlimited, and my achievement of discovery to Higgs boson and to the True Bose Einstein Condensate system (T(BECs)) are the best discoveries ever in history.
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