Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (20)

Higgs boson infinity (20) is one of the most linked subject to our daily life; it is about offered food in markets and shops. In today’s post I would like to talk about how our model of life in gastronomy has to change not because of our

will but because of the obligatory conditions in buying fruits, vegetables and meat. May be by writing about five causes which are changing our gastronomy this subject will be covered in full.

The first cause of the change in our shopping is the change in what is offered in markets and shops as fruits, vegetables and meat, this change is made because of many causes and such causes are: the change in the global weather system, the change in fruits, vegetables and meat production, the change in trees and grasses, the change in water quality and the change in living organisms and animals.

The second cause of the change in our daily life of gastronomy is temperature; temperature has an important role in our desire in food; the higher temperature is; our diet change significantly or the opposite. Our world is going to be warmer and warmer every week and hotter the weather is the higher the demand to liquids is; juices and refreshing drinks will be in higher demand.

The third change which is making peoples changing their diet is DNA reversing; what I would like to say is that human being DNA also is under threat to be reversed, this is the most revolutionary discovery never happened, humans body will change to become bigger and bigger and simply their desire to food will change automatically.

The fourth cause of the change in our daily life of gastronomy is the change in time particles of our universe; time has a serious influence on human being habits of eating, the serious matter is when time particles get bigger; all food get bigger as well and instead of an habitual apple a day this habit will change to (1/10) of an apple a day, and because the day will be longer than a normal day by twice to ten times longer the quantity of the eaten food will increase by twice to ten times.

The last cause of the change in our daily life of gastronomy is Higgs boson soustraction; Higgs boson soustraction makes fruits, vegetables changing their colour, their taste and their size; the result of this situation is an obligatory change in peoples’ diet.

My conclusion to this post is by telling to the reader of this post that your diet is changing sooner or later, and my advice to you is to change the habit of eating bread because its the first product which will disappear soon.

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