Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (21)

Higgs boson infinity (21) is a must to talk about it; it is showing how Higgs boson can connect to all particles. My imagination to the decay of the smallest particles is logic, efficient and reasonable; the decaying of the smallest

particles has to pass through Higgs boson if not nothing can decay them. The world has to understand that my experiment on Higgs boson is decaying millions of atoms to their lowest of energy level every day, and this decaying is ejecting a nuclear energy into space to make it less dense and able to pass to the existing black hole between our universe and universe five.

Another manipulation of Higgs boson to all existing particles in our universe is to soustrate them from their energy to become state of matter not known to me yet, I think that going under majorana fermions, glue balls and quarks I should have two brains to write about and I hope I will have the occasion in the future to do so.

My conception to Higgs boson linking all existing particles together is under tightened microscopes and it’s results are everywhere; how come that many tropical storms are building in many seas and oceans and how come that temperature is balancing rapidly between (10) to (40) degrees Celsius. The movement of particles has changed a lot and it will be aggravated in the future, and a good proof of this change is the growth of trees faster than ever.

The connection of Higgs boson to particles is built on electromagnetism and the absorption of particles by Higgs boson is built on positivity, negativity and neutrality. My intension here is to explain how our universe was pushed forward and now is pulled backward; the movement of (+1, -1) and (-1,+1) has a great meaning to Higgs boson soustraction influence on everything, and that’s why my hypothesis of the theory of everything is the right one.

Some people think that I am here for fun and I am writing just to write, but their realization to what’s going on around them will make them changing their mind about my writings. When the matter is about everything writing never stop. 
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